Our mission is to improve the quality of care for our patients through continuity of care, excellent communication, and collaboration with other health care professionals.

Resident Benefits

  • Improve quality of care by offering in-house assessments for acute illnesses and incidents
  • Availability to meet with resident family members to personally discuss progress or end of life issues
  • Regular schedule for in house rounding enhances relaitonships with residents and families
  • Individualized plan of care from residents based on input for resident, family, and staff
  • Careful review of meds with each regulatory visit, discontinuing or tapering meds that may not be needed
  • Attention still given to wellness for examples osteoporosis treatment, diabetes management, and hypertension control


  • On-site facility presence (either part-time or full-time depending on size of the building)
  • 24-hour call coverage
  • NP will sign therapy, hospice orders, Medicare certification or re-certification documents, and also discharge paperwork
  • NP available for family conferences and set office hours to discuss resident progress or end of life issues
  • No additional billing responsibilities for the physician office staff
  • Non-skilled admission History and Physical completed as desired by physician
  • NP carries own malpractice policy


  • Help in addressing state survey issues, such as, weight loss, falls, psych meds, and wound documentation
  • Eliminates number of phone calls and faxes being made to physician offices, freeing up time to give more resident care
  • Careful review of meds on admission to clarify stop dates and alternatives to help with cost control of Med A residents
  • Timely review of gradual dose reduction forms required by state
  • Case Mix Index increased with orders/visits/ability to manage more complicated care with IVF and IV antibiotics
  • CQI meeting attendance if desired
  • Reduction in hospital admissions because of timely acute and incident follow up